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Ref:Aura 2010

Harley Davidson - The Legend Rally 2011, based around the flame in black and orange.         Ref:Harley Davisdon 2011

Ingrid Pears specialise in one off sculptural pieces that have curvy organic bodies with harsh cut and polished edges.  Prices & designs to suit everyone! (REF:1)


Organic 'heart shaped' glass dish with multi coloured glass pieces added as inclusions. Price on application .(REF:3)

Multi coloured glass baubles £20 each Ref:4

Interconnecting glass piece in clear and black crystal glass. Each piece separate, egg nestles into the top. Price on application. Ref:5


Purple and white venetian striped vase. Bold in pattern, has a richness of colour, deep purple. Prices on application. Ref:6

A good example of 'Ingrid Pears' signature style glass. Curved organic shape with a cut and polished rim. Aubergine Glass Price on application (REF:7)

Blown doughnut glass vase with murano white stripe on ruby glass base, sandblasted finish. Price on application (REF:8)

Blown glass 'pebble' sealed  blown glass, with Murano striped detail in three colours, pigeon blue, white and black crystal glass (REF:9) Price on application

Mocha Glass bowl with white stripe (REF:10) Price on application

               Mocha vase with white venetian stripe. Price on application (REF: 11)

Interconnecting piece 'Harmony I' Three pieces that connect together base piece in warm aurora, black and clear eggs all with sanblasted detail on surface. (REF: 12) Price on application

Round pigeon blue coloured bowl with random canes laid into the surface. Price on application (REF: 13)

Simple wave edged glass pebble with polished rim detail. Price on application (REF: 14)

Not only does Ingrid Pears produce pieces of glass for art purposes, but also likes to create pieces for 'fun'  that have a quirky happy element....(see pumpkins and strawberries below. REF:15 & Pumpkins Ref:16)

Crystal glass potato made for a Worksop Young Farmer.

               Strawberry. Made in a variety of sizes Ref:17

Glass heart, made in multi coloured glass.  Ref:18

Round white and multicoloured glass bowl Ref:19

'Waterlife' interconnecting glass piece, with black and bubble droplet in top. Ref:20

(Created for a Private collection owned by Glassworks Services Ltd) Interconnecting piece based around families joining together to form a whole - each piece needing eachother for support. Cut polished rims, kidney shaped glass linking together with tiny spirals twisting together sat in a sand blasted base piece. Ref:21